Supernova 30" Hookah

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15.0 lbs
Savacco Flavors
Alchemist Flavors
Sahara Shisha
Rating: 5

Dome Supernova 30

The Dome Supernova receives no justice from the picture. The vase is massive. Filled with the suggested 11 cups of water this hookah is incredibly stable. When Filled, this hookah is quite heavy. The sessions I have had with this hookah are just incredible. The quality and design of Sahara Smoke hookahs are unparalled

Rating: 1

Dome Supernova 30

This hookah works okay, but not $150 okay. & the vase looks completely different than the picture, which i expected a little difference. But the vase i recieve is brown and gold, Where is the deep blues and firey embers? & the service help isnt one bit of help.

Rating: 2

I bought this hookah and was so excited for it to come in the mail, it came within three days! But.. I opened it and the vase was brown. It does not look anything like the picture but still it was beautiful. So, I tried it out and it smoked okay but I'm not impressed with this hookah at all.