Medium Jezebel Shatter Vase

Average rating: 3 / 5



Item number
3.5 lbs
Savacco Flavors
Alchemist Flavors
Sahara Shisha
Matt Larson
Rating: 3

Shatter is cool, weight is legit, design is minimal

I just opened up my delivery and loved the heavy weight of this base. It's being used in a three hose so that extra base weight is slick. The shattered-style base was so epic looking that I literally forgot I purchased it that way and thought it was damaged. My only issue is that I really liked the design of the site picture and got something that is almost entirely clear. You can make out some of the attempted color, but I think it'll just end up looking stained rather than cool. Medium Jezebel Shatter Vase Overall I am still happy for a quality piece and would suggest anyone get it (at the apparently new lowered price no less). I just wish the coloring was more on point.