Washable Velvet Rope Hose RED




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9.6 oz
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Washable Velvet Rope Hose RED

Luxurious red velvet hookah hose, good length for everyday use, appears to be of quality construction, with the Sahara Smoke logo stamped into the metal collets. This one is genuine and has been a joy to use so far. I had received an obvious fake when I bought my Sahara Smoke hookah from a Chicago smoke shop: it was slightly longer, the handle developed a crack near the mouthpiece junction and the lacquer chipped off around the crack; this after only the first washing! The wooden "turned" pieces had a different profile and the metal collets where the hose meets the wooden pieces lacked the Sahara Smoke logo stampings; all of those factors indicate it was a fake. Now, after several weeks of daily use, I can say with confidence that thisi one, the REAL one, is of vastly superior quality to the fake that was bestowed upon me by a shop to which I will not return. I liked it so much I ordered a white one and will probably order a black one to replace the fake one; that way, three people can smoke at once, each with their own color hose. Overall, a luxurious hookah hose at a great price that is unique among the hoses I've seen thus far. Also, the disposable black plastic mouthpieces from Sahara fit perfectly onto the chrome moutpiece and form a sort of ball joint, allowing the mouthpiece to pivot at an angle without leaking any air; not sure if there's any functional benefit to this, but it gives you something to fiddle with between draws.

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