Genie Mirror 15" Hookah

Average rating: 2 / 5



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7.3 lbs
Savacco Flavors
Alchemist Flavors
Sahara Shisha
Stephanie Christner Walker
Rating: 2

Some design flaws, not a smooth inhale

This piece looks stunning, and the components are quality (thick glass bottom, ceramic bowl, steel parts, aluminum or steel dish) but the draw is very uneven. I wish we had read the reviews before purchasing. The hose has a good fit but sticks up in a way that makes it hit the ash dish (sorry, don't know what to call it) when it is seated snuggly in place. So basically it can't be fully inserted in the way it should be. The manufacturers could have made an allowance for this, or made the wooden piece that sits in the unit a little shorter. Either way, I would say its average for function, excellent for quality of parts, a little below average for design.