Brass Executive 30" Hookah

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30.0 lbs
Savacco Flavors
Alchemist Flavors
Sahara Shisha
Jeremy Harrelson
Rating: 5

Lord this is the one.

This will be the last hookah you buy. This thing smokes amazing and is a beautiful pipe. Is to clean once you figure out how to take it apart. With that said keep some brass cleaner, kool aid and micro fiber clothes on hand to clean this beast. Absolutely love this thing.

Nicholas Johnson
Rating: 5

This hookah!

So words are a big deal as this hookah truly deserves a praise. Not only the hookah but Sahara Smoke deserves a shout out as well for this delicious deal. The hookah being a 300 dollar purchase was exactly as promised. $300 dollars exactly no tax or shipping costs. Let alone beautiful for this piece. But allow me to emphasize they also send you a bowl, diffuser, coals and Shisha as well! Did I also mention the holepunch. Out of the box this hookah is ready to rock and roll. Add water and aluminum foil and it's ready to smoke out of the package. Honestly this hookah was the best 300$ I have ever spent. The base is much wider than I had originally thought but all the better for stability. I am very satisfied with my purchase.